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First march of veterans

"The greatest luxury in the world - is the luxury of human communication"

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
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Birthday of a Motoclub "BATTLE BROTHERHOOD"

Dear friends! June 4 is a date of a notable event - Birthday of a Motoclub "BATTLE BROTHERHOOD". Motor Club was established in the framework of social project: International Round-the-World March of veterans, dedicated to the memory of the dead and missing soldiers of all nations and epochs. The purpose of the March is not only to honor the memory of the fallen, but also to discharge the current tense international situation. Participants of the March, especially combat veterans, can help others to realize what is it mean to live in peace. We ask people and states to stop any armed conflicts and battles during the time of the march. This tradition has existed since the ancient times, from the times of the first Olympic Games. Let's drop the guns down. All we need is to take a pause and listen to the voice of our hearts. It is no accident that the March motto is "The greatest luxury in the world - it is the luxury of human communication" - these words by Antoine de Saint-Exupery - writer, poet, artist, author of "The Little Prince". He was a military pilot and was killed during World War II. We declare March as the veterans movement for their rehabilitation and socialization. But the concept VETERAN includes not only combat veterans. We are open to all: veterans of the security forces, police veterans, labor veterans, in general, for all those who share our ideals, our values ​​and our interests! Young people who served in the military or just preparing for another service - is also our brothers! They are also the future defenders of the Motherland and its peaceful citizens! And so, a full member of the Club is open to any citizen who has attained 18 years of age, having a motorcycle with a driving certificate, past the probationary period and recognizes the Charter of the Moto Club "BATTLE BROTHERHOOD". GOALS AND OBJECTIVES OF THE CLUB Strengthening friendly relations and cooperation among veterans of all countries. Support and development of veterans and 'bikers' movements, the spirit of military brotherhood. Creating the necessary environment for organized group activities of people with similar interests, future development of the movement "BATTLE BROTHERHOOD" in the country and abroad. Colonel-General Valery Vostrotin, Hero of the Soviet Union, Chairman of the "Union of Russian Paratroopers", Deputy Chairman VOOV "Battle Brotherhood" handed a vest of a Club President and a medal 85 years VDV "No one except us," to Alexander Galliamov, honored master of sports of international class. Gallyamov Alexander studied at the Ryazan Military School for Reserve Officers, made 3 parachute, was promoted to lieutenant. Alexander is a member of the USSR national motocross team 1978-85 biennium, and the coach of the USSR motocross team 1985-90, repeated champion of Russia. Currently is a President of Motoclub "BATTLE BROTHERHOOD" and head coach of Auto-moto club in Vnukovo. Good luck! Follow the news!  

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Patriot Act

At the initiative of DOSAAF Russia in the State Duma Committee on Defense, the first meeting of the working committee on the development of the law "On the patriotic education" on 23 March. The Representatives of the defense of the Central Board of the company, headed by an official representative in the Federal Assembly, NV Staskovym, a number of deputies from different committees and factions. Opening the meeting, the deputy of the Defense Committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation VP Vodolatsky noted that the idea of ​​the development of the law is no coincidence overdue, the need for this is long overdue. The positive momentum of this work gave adopted by the Interparliamentary Assembly of CIS member states the law "On the patriotic education." "We need to develop a federal law - said V. Vodolatsky, which would be based on all the components of the form of patriotic education of citizens: spiritual, moral, sports, military-patriotic education. It should be reflected the main provisions of which were provided in the draft law "On DOSAAF Russia", "On the patriotic education of children and young people", the laws adopted in a number of subjects of the Russian Federation, and they're no less than twenty. " In the speeches of representatives DOSAAF Russia highlighted the need to better reflect the document forms and methods of military-patriotic education of citizens. Expert Chairman of DOSAAF of Russia, Professor, Doctor of Philosophy VI Lutovinov also noted: "With the development of the law, we need to build on the existing material, which is in the DOSAAF Russia, Rosvoentsentre, the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Defense to ensure that our federal law gave the main legal bases that are essential for the organization and of the military-patriotic education in modern conditions, and also formed the basis for the development of a wide variety of laws, creation of specific mechanisms in specific areas, forms and technologies of patriotic education. " "This law - pocherknul Deputy Director of Vocational Training of the Department of Russian DOSAAF NN Kulikov - we need also for the reason that the federal law "On Military Duty and Military Service" red line red line goes to compulsory military-patriotic education of youth, which to date is extremely inadequate regulatory framework. It is important that young people not only possessed advanced weaponry, but also understand the justice of its cause, was a worthy successor of the traditions to defend the Fatherland. " Summing up the meeting, VP Vodolatsky stressed "We want to DOSAAF Russia has become the focal point throughout the patriotic work, the whole complex of which we speak today. This is the work with young people and work with veterans' organizations. We must create the conditions in our federal law "On the patriotic education." During the official representative of DOSAAF Russia in the Federal Assembly, NV Staskovym, identified the main problem and the algorithm of the activities of members of the working committee on the development of the project "On the patriotic education" of the law, the backbone of which consists of senior officials and experts dropped society. The next meeting of the commission on the development of federal law is scheduled for mid-April. Источник


Chairman of DOSAAF of Russia took part in the opening of “Army of international games 2015″

Chairman DOSAAF Russian Colonel General Alexander Kolmakov took part in the opening ceremony of the first "Army-2015 international games." The event was held on the territory of Moscow Region firing ground Alabino Taman armored division. Together with the chairman of the defense of society in the country attended the event his first deputy, Vladimir Konstantinov and Vice - Secretary of State Alexander Makeev. Games opened a large-scale theatrical performance about the history of the Russian army. Then, the audience watched a group of paratroopers jumping with flags of the participating countries, which landed on the pad opening ceremony of the games. Officially opened the game Army Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, who congratulated the participants and wished the best man win. "It is gratifying that people are up in arms meet here on Russian soil, as friends, and after the event with a smile, shake hands. This is the best way to build trust between our countries ", - said Sergey Shoigu, turning to the audience and guests of the event. As part of the ceremony by the legendary aerobatic team "Russian Knights" has demonstrated skill in combat aerobatic Su-27 and perform the most complex elements of piloting. "Army International Game 2015" took place in the period from August 1 to 15 at 11 landfills located within the boundaries of the three military regions - Western, Southern and Central: from Siberia to the Krasnodar region on the territory of 10 subjects of the Russian Federation. Total Games provided 14 field competition, air and naval training. In "ARMI-2015" was attended by 57 teams from 17 states and 20 observer teams from 6 foreign countries, representatives of Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. The most representative team put our colleagues from China and Belarus. Chinese military personnel participated in 12 competitions war games, but the team from Belarus - 9 contests. Each country has its own determination as to participate in any public events should be set out.  


Help oncological center

Last Friday, August 7 organization patriot of Russia, together with renowned designer Yulia Prokhorova went to the Cancer Center for kids (FNKTS DGOI them. Dmitry Rogachev). Children are immersed in an atmosphere of celebration and magic. Together we had a show for their long program on the fairy tale "Alice in Wonderland." Then the children had a fascinating show of soap bubbles, and the whole event ended with an expression of gratitude and hope for a speedy recovery from Anastasia Petrova and Yulia Prokhorova. The final chord was the drawing competition. The best works will be on T-shirts, which will be sold in stores Yulia Prokhorova, and all proceeds will go to charity. In addition to the holiday, together with the brand "White Gold" We gave the nursery oncological center in radiotherapy department. It will remain a long memory. As it was invested a lot of love and attention. Very soon we will provide our patriots video report from the conducted activities! Love Russian business!

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