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First march of veterans

"The greatest luxury in the world - is the luxury of human communication"

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
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About march

The headquarters of International Caravan «Battle Brotherhood».
Address.: 119017, Schetininsky lane 4.str.1
Tel. / Fax: +7 (495) 234-03-44

Letters of support for WORLD MARCH OF VETERANS

Download presentation {First International MMA Tournament)

The world’s leading veterans’ organizations, together with a team of community leaders and business people, and will continue to do the tradition of military brotherhood, have developed a unique comprehensive international project called «Battle Brotherhood». The project is planned to launch the International circumnavigation march of veterans “Combat Brotherhood» – «Battle Brotherhood. The International Round-the-World March of Veterans ».

To date, this initiative has been supported by the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia, the World Veterans Federation to the United Nations (WVF), and a number of veterans organizations and public institutions in Russia, CIS and the world, such as the POW-MIA (National League of Families of prisoners of war and missing lead), VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars USA), Department of Veterans Affairs Canada, the French Ministry of Defence and other organizations.

The mission of the Action is to draw public attention to the problems and social rehabilitation of war veterans, the disabled, and the perpetuation of the memory of the dead and missing soldiers.

Based on universally understood by every citizen of the country’s moral values, Action brings together the broad strata of society to address universal social issues standing in the way of development of modern society.

Start International Marsha will be given in Moscow in 2013-2014. Marsh will be the cities of Russia, CIS, Asia, Canada, the U.S. and Europe and will finish in 2015 in Moscow, the first of its kind circumnavigation veterans marching.

Throughout March veterans are planning to hold a meeting with the youth, pupils of military-patriotic organizations, cadet schools and military academies. Continuing the tradition of succession of generations, will share their experience in the defense of their homeland.

The priority tasks of this phase will be: strengthening veterans’ movement, synthesis, analysis and identification of the problems of veterans in the field, in their decision, raising the status of the defenders of the Fatherland in the community, raising the patriotic spirit of citizens, strengthening the connection between generations, as well as the ideological and moral education of young people.

Shares due to the international scope of supranational character set in the framework of its issues, and the need to communicate and exchange expertise on specific identified problems on the Russian stage to protect the rights, health care, employment and socialization veterans.

As part of a comprehensive project for the first time in the world, plans to implement a unique international social events, such as:
  • International round-the-world rally veterans «Battle Brotherhood»;
  • International exhibition of war artists and veteran artists of different countries;
  • international competition war photography WORLD MILITARY FOTO;
  • International Festival of soldier’s song;
  • World tournament in mixed martial arts (MMA) among veterans and active military in various countries for the Cup «Battle Brotherhood»;
  • unique project search and promote life stories “Heroes of our time” – veterans who have distinguished themselves in the fighting in the performance of military duty;
erection of a memorial in memory of war-internationalists who died in armed conflicts on foreign soil. Memorial proposed at Moscow Victory Park on Poklonnaya Hill, part of a single complex with the monument to soldiers-internationalists and layout of airborne combat vehicle (BMD-1), have been previously installed.
Year and a half column march will pass through the territories of the 50 states of the planet with the organization of various socially significant activities in more than 100 cities around the world, located on the route.

The basis of the crew will make veterans of wars and local conflicts – from 12 countries. Crew members will vary at different stages of run.

The column is formed of modern SUVs, prepared for a long expedition trips, with a powerful telecommunications and life support.

«Battle Brotherhood» – this is a great project for international communication and exchange of people united by the idea of the brotherhood of war veterans and local conflicts.

The first stage will be held on March 30 regions of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. Under phase, with the support of the authorities and socially responsible business corporations, appointments and events with the participation of youth, patriotic, veteran social organizations, sports stars, artists and art.

There will be commemorative and memorial events, sports and cultural events, exhibitions and biennials, festivals and reconstruction of historical events, photo contests and “round tables”, as well as honoring the veterans of the characters.

Currently being prepared for these events, there are staffs march in cities chosen route and is the selection of participants.

The main headquarters of the International Organizing Committee March in Moscow. To build a route, columns framing the rally and organize events during the movement of the column occupied by the best and most experienced of the young veterans, members of the media and public figures.


The first stage of the march will be held from 30 regions of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. For the duration of the world tour crew will travel on this route:

United Kingdom
Bosnia and Herzegovina


One of the goals of the march of veterans – veterans of communication different wars and conflicts, discuss pressing issues and improve the social situation of veterans and disabled people, their families and the families of fallen soldiers, and the organization of cooperation in resisting international terrorist threats and international military conflicts.

In terms of the march – carrying commemorative and memorial events, sports and cultural events, exhibitions and biennials, festivals and reconstructions of historical events, contests and “round tables”, as well as honoring the veterans of the characters. With guaranteed an audience of more than 500 million people.


The route of the march of veterans will be on the largest countries in the place where the major military conflicts. All Time world tour crew will be more than 100 000 kilometers. That would be an absolute record for such expeditions. This distance crews expect to pass in two phases lasting for 6-7 months each, this fact will be a place in the Guinness Book of Records!


Headquarters march of veterans working with organizations around the world. It’s like a veteran organizations and partners that make the wheels of our world tour will be spinning all 100,000 kilometers!

Around the world, dozens of veterans’ organizations are working on the staffs and the Organizing Committee for ours, of course, which has no analogues in the world, round the world march of veterans.
You too can join the organization and to create a world tour headquarters veterans march in your city!