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First march of veterans

"The greatest luxury in the world - is the luxury of human communication"

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
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David Lyon

David Lyon

Dear friends! Let us to tell you a history of David Lyon, who posthumously was awarded with “Battle Brotherhood” prize on November 1, year 2015 in Los Angeles.

Project “Battle Brotherhood” Award was initiated, and claims to be an annual celebration. As planned by organizers, idea of the prize should be an analog of “Nobel Peace Prize” and will be awarded not only to military or politician persons, but also to the people of peaceful professions: doctors, rescue workers, firefighters. The main criteria for selection of candidates will be – outstanding, noble, heroic act, which was honored or undervalued by society.

David Lyon – senior Sergeant of US Marine Corps, stepped on a mine and was seriously wounded while saving his comrade. Chances were low, but he survived.


He was a kind of young American veterans who believed in friendship between veterans of past military conflicts for the sake of the world.

Breaking the old stereotypes, in cooperation with our Russian colleagues, he stood at the origins of the international veteran movement of past military conflicts named «Battle Brotherhood». He lost his feet in 2010, despite the doctor’s negative prediction, he not only recovered by himself, but also helped others to walk a life. And not only in his homeland. David visited Russia twice. On August 2, year 2013 there was a significant event: for the first time in all years of relations between Russia and United States senior sergeant David Lyon from the podium at Vasilyevsky Spusk congratulated Russian paratroopers with their holiday – the Day of Airborne and made an expensive gift – a modern prosthesis to Russian veterans of the Afghan war. The film shows us the story of American and Russian veterans who walked through these harsh days. At present time Russia and the United States are currently experiencing not the best period in relations between two countries. Politics, economics and ideology were connected into a single node.

But human relationship and friendship cannot be banned by any state. Despite the Cold War, the events in Ukraine, veterans, who know the value of life and death, showed everyone how through hardships and pain people can come to great deeds.

A job that these great people do by the will of their hearts is a real people’s diplomacy in action. Perhaps this is the only way out of the political deadlock, leading humanity to the Third World War.

Nowadays when humanity is challenged by a new threat posed by terrorism it is necessary for all progressive mankind to unite against it. It is very important for us to be able to communicate with those who are interested in everything that is associated with serious and dangerous profession of a soldier. Everyone who look after war memorials, looking for the remains of fallen soldiers, reading stories of past battles or repeatedly overcomes himself in a hospital bed, on the arena, the race track or on the edge of a cliff, keep a part of our Brotherhood inside their soul.


David Lyon, the founder of Battle Brotherhood movement.

In 2015, he was going to visit us at summer, after his son’s holidays… On July 30 letter came from David’s father. “I do not know, have you heard it or not. If not, I regret to inform. Today, Dave died. The cause of this was his heart … I think it makes his message to the world even more important”.

Premiere of the «Battle Brotherhood» movie made by Iskander Galiev in English, as well as the ceremony of “Battle Brotherhood” award was held on November 1 in Los Angeles, a day when we commemorate the act of goodwill made by David.

David Lyon was posthumously awarded the “Combat Brotherhood” prize. David Lyon Award was presented to his father – Gordon Lyon and to his son – Ethan Lyon.

Ethan Lyon – son of David, received a “Combat Brotherhood” medal for the heroic deeds of his father. Everyone noted the similarity of father and son. Kid got an orange belt in karate and joined the Boy Scouts, where he studied how to survive in the wilds. He is young, but already has a personality of a real man, the same man his father used to be.

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