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First march of veterans

"The greatest luxury in the world - is the luxury of human communication"

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
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UNLIM 500+ 12 Stage. Dmitrovskaya Highway

It is a unique automobile festival, unique not only for Russia, but also for the whole world — race on 1 kilometer of supercars with an engine capacity more than 500 p/a! Crews of March of veterans ...


Solemn meeting in the Kremlin Palace

On February 14-15 in Moscow the festive events devoted to the 25 anniversary from the date of a withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan took place: wreath-laying and flowers to the Tomb of the ...


Veterans Museum of the Russian Army.

February 14-15 in Moscow hosted the celebrations dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan: the laying of wreaths and flowers at the Tomb of the Unknown ...


Veterans in Moscow

By the invitation of heads of International March of veterans Iskander Galiyev and Gennady Shorokhov to Moscow there arrived veterans from other countries in order that with friends to participate in ...