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First march of veterans

"The greatest luxury in the world - is the luxury of human communication"

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
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The first in history International Round-The-World March of Veterans “Battle Brotherhood”, which will be held in the cities of Russia and CIS, Asia, Canada, the USA and the countries of Europe, will start in 2014.

The route of the March of Veterans will go through 50 countries, featuring various socially important events in more than 100 cities all over the world along the way. War veterans as well as Russian and foreign actors, musicians and public figures related to the veteran movement will participate in the March.

Within 2 years the expedition will cover more than 100 000 km, which enables the March to enter the Guinness book of world records!

The motorcade of the March of veterans will include 12 latter-day 4×4 vehicles equipped with powerful communications systems, which will allow performing of immediate broadcast through March of veterans’ website, social networks and mass media, giving the latest information on all events held within the framework of the March.

The cities along the route of the March will host commemorative and memorial events, sporting and cultural venues, exhibitions and biennales, festivals and reenactments of historical events, photography contests and round table discussions, as well as honoring war heroes.

The March of veterans will culminate in such international public events as:

  • The first international exhibition of works of battle painters and veteran painters from various countries;
  • The first international military photo contest “World Military Photo”;
  • The first international festival of barrack songs;
  • The first international MMA tournament among veterans and acting military servants, law enforcement officers and security service officers;
  • The unique project dedicated to finding and publishing life stories of “Real life heroes” – hero veterans distinguished in action, while performing military duties etc. 
With the support of local authorities and socially responsible businesses, events and meetings will be held featuring youth patriotic organizations, veteran non-governmental organizations, renowned athletes and artists. Total audience is estimated at 500 mln. people.