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First march of veterans

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August 24 – Day of the Interior Ministry of Kyrgyzstan

Day of the Interior Ministry of Kyrgyzstan (Kyrgyzstandyn testes ishter ministrliginin testes askerler kүnү) established by Government of the Kyrgyz Republic № 478 dated July 3, 2006 to indoctrination in the spirit of devotion to his people, loyalty to military duty and military traditions, to mark the memorable day of the victory won in fight with terrorist gangs.

Internal Troops of the Kyrgyz Republic is a military organization under the Ministry of Internal Affairs and are intended for protection of objects of state importance, corrective labor institutions, service and combat missions for the protection of public order, constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens against criminal encroachments and for special tasks of the Government and Minister of Internal Affairs Kyrgyz Republic.

The brigade of Interior Troops in 1999-2000 destroyed and expelled gangs of international terrorists who attacked the civilian population of southern Kyrgyzstan. Division stationed in Batken, a part of the consolidated unit, took first in the history of sovereign Kyrgyzstan fight of the night from 23 to 24 August 1999 in which triumphed and rightfully earned the recognition of his people. In the unequal battle killed Sergeant Rashid Yunusov. His feat will forever remain in the grateful memory of the Kyrgyz people.

Batken war has claimed the life of 32 Kyrgyz citizens, including 17 in the field. Just to increase the combat capability of military units of the state has allocated over 400 million soms.

Presidential Decree awarded high state awards of more than 300 soldiers, sergeants, warrant officers and officers from all branches of the armed forces of the country, as well as citizens of peaceful occupations, including 17 posthumously. Order of “Manas” 3 degrees awarded 32 people, the medal “Erdik” was awarded 142, the medal “Dank” 6 people. Honorary Diploma of the Kyrgyz Republic awarded 158 people.

The results of the two-year conflict in Kyrgyzstan Islamic extremism and international terrorism have shown the world a great love of freedom and moral potential of Kyrgyzstan.

This day event begins with the laying of wreaths and a minute of silence at the memorial in memory of the glory of policemen killed in the line of duty. In a festive atmosphere the best soldiers and officers of the Interior Ministry handed over state awards are assigned the next rank, held a concert.