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Battle of the Dnieper had started in 1943

Battle of the Dnieper – the complex operations of the Soviet army on the liberation of the Left-Bank Ukraine from Nazi invaders, was held from August 26 to December 23, 1943. The crossing of the Dnieper River is one of the largest battles of the Great Patriotic War.

By the middle of the Great Patriotic War alignment of forces was as follows. Soviet troops stepped up military power by returning counteroffensive captured enemy territory. Hitler’s army was in a difficult situation – a series of divisions after the defeat at Kursk was destroyed, reinforcements were nowhere to wait, and the technical condition of the Soviet Army was to concede.

Hitler did not abandon hope for the success of the offensive operations, but by August 1943, convinced of the impossibility to break the Soviet counteroffensive. Then the German High Command decided to strengthen the defense of the Dnieper and to give his army time to rest before the new mass strike the winter of 1943. Hitler gave the order – under no circumstances do not take the Dnieper.

In turn, Stalin was determined to force the return of the occupied territories. For the state of great value coal deposits Ukrainian industrial areas. Thus began the Battle of the Dnieper. The operation involved the men of Voronezh, Central, Steppe, Southern and South-Western Fronts. The total number of Soviet soldiers was 2.5 million. People. In the armies were 51,000 guns, more than 2,500 tanks and about three thousand aircraft.

On the part of the enemy acted 2nd German Army from Army Group “Center” and the whole group of armies “South”. The number of German army in the combat area is 1.5 million. Soldiers and officers who were in possession of 13 000 guns, 4000 tanks and aircraft.

The operation to force the Dnieper held in two phases:
- Chernigov-Poltava operation (from 26 August to 30 September 1943).
- Nizhnedneprovskiy operation (from 26 September to 20 December 1943).

The most important part of the battle for the Dnieper and other operations are considered:
- Dnieper airborne operation (September 1943).
- Kiev offensive (November 3 – November 13, 1943).
- Kiev defensive operation (November 13 – December 23, 1943).

The battle began with the release of Donbass, and in September, the offensive has been going on the whole territory of the Left-Bank Ukraine. Soviet troops were captured bridgeheads 20 and November 6, 1943 he was released Kiev. All this finally broke the plans of the German command in the longest defensive operation, and the Soviet army was able to control almost the entire territory of the Dnieper. Beachheads were established for the release of Right-Bank Ukraine and further offensive against the Germans in Belarus. For 4 months of Soviet troops liberated the 160 towns and 38,000 villages.

Battle of the Dnieper went down in history as one of the largest and most successful operation to force the captured territory. For the Soviet Union, the liberation of Ukraine provided an opportunity to regain control of the country the necessary resources, and opened the way for Romania and Poland.