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First march of veterans

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Chairman of DOSAAF of Russia took part in the opening of “Army of international games 2015″

Chairman DOSAAF Russian Colonel General Alexander Kolmakov took part in the opening ceremony of the first “Army-2015 international games.” The event was held on the territory of Moscow Region firing ground Alabino Taman armored division. Together with the chairman of the defense of society in the country attended the event his first deputy, Vladimir Konstantinov and Vice – Secretary of State Alexander Makeev.

Games opened a large-scale theatrical performance about the history of the Russian army. Then, the audience watched a group of paratroopers jumping with flags of the participating countries, which landed on the pad opening ceremony of the games.

Officially opened the game Army Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, who congratulated the participants and wished the best man win. “It is gratifying that people are up in arms meet here on Russian soil, as friends, and after the event with a smile, shake hands. This is the best way to build trust between our countries “, – said Sergey Shoigu, turning to the audience and guests of the event.

As part of the ceremony by the legendary aerobatic team “Russian Knights” has demonstrated skill in combat aerobatic Su-27 and perform the most complex elements of piloting.

“Army International Game 2015″ took place in the period from August 1 to 15 at 11 landfills located within the boundaries of the three military regions – Western, Southern and Central: from Siberia to the Krasnodar region on the territory of 10 subjects of the Russian Federation.

Total Games provided 14 field competition, air and naval training.

In “ARMI-2015″ was attended by 57 teams from 17 states and 20 observer teams from 6 foreign countries, representatives of Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. The most representative team put our colleagues from China and Belarus. Chinese military personnel participated in 12 competitions war games, but the team from Belarus – 9 contests. Each country has its own determination as to participate in any public events should be set out.


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