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First march of veterans

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Patriot Act


At the initiative of DOSAAF Russia in the State Duma Committee on Defense, the first meeting of the working committee on the development of the law “On the patriotic education” on 23 March. The Representatives of the defense of the Central Board of the company, headed by an official representative in the Federal Assembly, NV Staskovym, a number of deputies from different committees and factions.

Opening the meeting, the deputy of the Defense Committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation VP Vodolatsky noted that the idea of ​​the development of the law is no coincidence overdue, the need for this is long overdue. The positive momentum of this work gave adopted by the Interparliamentary Assembly of CIS member states the law “On the patriotic education.” “We need to develop a federal law – said V. Vodolatsky, which would be based on all the components of the form of patriotic education of citizens: spiritual, moral, sports, military-patriotic education. It should be reflected the main provisions of which were provided in the draft law “On DOSAAF Russia”, “On the patriotic education of children and young people”, the laws adopted in a number of subjects of the Russian Federation, and they’re no less than twenty. ”

In the speeches of representatives DOSAAF Russia highlighted the need to better reflect the document forms and methods of military-patriotic education of citizens. Expert Chairman of DOSAAF of Russia, Professor, Doctor of Philosophy VI Lutovinov also noted: “With the development of the law, we need to build on the existing material, which is in the DOSAAF Russia, Rosvoentsentre, the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Defense to ensure that our federal law gave the main legal bases that are essential for the organization and of the military-patriotic education in modern conditions, and also formed the basis for the development of a wide variety of laws, creation of specific mechanisms in specific areas, forms and technologies of patriotic education. ”

“This law – pocherknul Deputy Director of Vocational Training of the Department of Russian DOSAAF NN Kulikov – we need also for the reason that the federal law “On Military Duty and Military Service” red line red line goes to compulsory military-patriotic education of youth, which to date is extremely inadequate regulatory framework. It is important that young people not only possessed advanced weaponry, but also understand the justice of its cause, was a worthy successor of the traditions to defend the Fatherland. ”

Summing up the meeting, VP Vodolatsky stressed “We want to DOSAAF Russia has become the focal point throughout the patriotic work, the whole complex of which we speak today. This is the work with young people and work with veterans’ organizations. We must create the conditions in our federal law “On the patriotic education.”

During the official representative of DOSAAF Russia in the Federal Assembly, NV Staskovym, identified the main problem and the algorithm of the activities of members of the working committee on the development of the project “On the patriotic education” of the law, the backbone of which consists of senior officials and experts dropped society. The next meeting of the commission on the development of federal law is scheduled for mid-April.