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First march of veterans

"The greatest luxury in the world - is the luxury of human communication"

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
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“Union – Heirs of the Victory” in Kazan – 46 teams from 8 countries!

National Youth Educational collect military-sports organizations and cadet corps’ UNION 2015 – Heirs of the Victory “in the year of the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War took place in the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan in Kazan from 29 April to 10 May 2015.

This year, the “Soyuz” has collected a record number of top teams from all over Russia – 46. The geography of participants is presented very widely from the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and the Far East, the Crimea and Dagestan, the total number of participants – 600 people. Russian collection was held under the patronage of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov Nurgalievich and under the overall supervision of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan Shayhrazieva Vasil Gayazovich.

I worked on the collection of the International Jury. Representatives from Armenia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Moldova, Tajikistan, Ukraine, arrived in Kazan, as well as observers, attended by a delegation from Bulgaria.

Gathering was held on the territory of Russia’s best Republican Center of sports-patriotic and pre-conscription training of youth “Patriot”.

This year there were several innovations: relay in swimming, weight-lifting, School of Film, School of Radio Electronics.

Master classes and schools were the leading specialists of Russia. One of the highlights of master classes held Hadzhimurad Magomedov – Olympic champion, Honored Master of Sports of Russia, head coach of the national team in freestyle wrestling.

Surprised children, and representatives of the Federation of street workout – cleverly making difficult tricks on the bar.

Traditionally strong professorial trio – Doctor of Historical Sciences Bordyugov GA, MD, VA Khomenko, PhD MM Musin They held their brilliant master classes and schools.

The big interest for schools scout – Analyst from the Fund ‘loyalty to the Fatherland “was held for the first time a school of radio electronics and school were the best specialists of the generals – VE Glagolev, AA Karpychev, Lazurenko IP, Sandulov NV, and Lavrenenko .In., School of Film and took a full two different formats on one commented on the technical secrets in the creation of commercials, videos, movies led her Maksim Malkov, and another well-known film producer, “We from the future” Lyudmila Kukoba shared their experiences.

Secrets of proper and healthy Russian baths with jokes told Vasily Lyakhov – founder of the school of art of the bath.

Come visit the participants well-known people of Tatarstan President of the Union of Cinematographers of the Republic of Tatarstan Ildar Zagirovich Mathur, Gazinur Garifzyanovich Khayrullin – pilot, Hero of Russia (1996). The co-pilot of the aircraft IL-76, forced landed at the airfield near the city of Kandahar in Afghanistan. A year later, in August 1996, the crew of the aircraft escaped from captivity, Mostyukov Ildous Shayhulislamovich Combined Arms Chief Designer unified system of state radar identification of the country “friend or foe” Hero of Socialist Labor, author of 50 scientific papers, 24 invention certificates, Ph.D. Professor.


Participants fee is not only competed in sports relay races, we passed the school and tried out in master classes, but took part in the diplomatic game. In the evening, the boys presented their cultural program – incorporating this into their usual teams, and all the time they were in the collection summary, international group, which learned to communicate with new friends from different regions of our vast Russia.

Sporting Discipline also teaches officers with extensive experience colonel, a veteran of the Afghan Order of the Red Star 2 S. Rybnikov, the instructor of the “Vityaz”

Complete the collection on May 9 Victory Square, where the President of the Republic of Tatarstan IO RN Minnikhanov I greeted the children. From the organizers and participants of the Gathering was awarded a valuable gift to the President of factory made “Oruzheynik” Zlatoust. A triumphant concert ended with all the best numbers of cultural programs for the collection “Union” an enormous gathering of human flows, our guys were able to surprise his mastery of residents and guests of Kazan and showed works by specifically Mazur VM Flashmob hymn collection.

National youth gathering was a qualifier for the International Youth gathering military sports organization “Union of 2015 – Heirs of the Victory” in Armenia. In Tsakhkadzor from 15 to 28 August, the national team of Russia certificates – vouchers handed co-chairman of the Organizing Committee – VV Voskanyan, Head of the Military Lyceum sports. Monte Melkonian Armenian MOD (Armenia) commands:

• Moscow region, Noginsk – Noginsk MBOU Cadet School № 21;

• Sverdlovsk Region, Ivdel – Military-patriotic club “Chance” landing profile;

• Great Luke – Sfax “Cadet School”;

• Perm region – the Perm GAOU police cadet corps named the Volga Federal District. Hero of Russia F.Kuzmina;

• G. Tetyushi – “Tetyushinskaya Cadet boarding school. Major General V.A.Hapaeva “;

• Perm – Club “Plastun” Sfax “Kondratovskaya average general educational school”;

• Samara – MIC “Cascade” Center of patriotic education “true sons of Russia» Samara regional public organization “Veteran”.

Teams – participants, who were selected on the collection of “Union 2015 – Heirs of the Victory” Kazan, are the best of the best representatives of the military and sports organizations.