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First march of veterans

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Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
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“Watch Heroes of the Fatherland”

Meeting with students of the Lyceum № 1547

June 9 executive secretary of the Russian Association of Heroes Bocharov VA I met with the students of 9th class of the Lyceum number 1547, located in the South-East district of Moscow. In this lovely decorated Lyceum School Museum, dedicated to the heroes of our time. In the museum you can see portraits of officers killed in combat missions in Afghanistan in 1979-1989, in Chechnya, in the course of counter-terrorist operations in the liberation of hostages in Beslan. Great stuff collected in the museum for the operation of liberation of hostages in Beslan. The exhibits were presented and the former hostages held by terrorists in the school number 1 in September 2004.

The meeting aroused great interest among the children, because they knew practically nothing about the heroes of our time living on the streets alone with them.

Executive Secretary of the RAG
Hero of the Russian Federation Vladimir Bocharov