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First march of veterans

"The greatest luxury in the world - is the luxury of human communication"

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
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World MMA Association

The World Mixed Martial Arts Association (WMMAA) aims to be the official world governing body for the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is known as the world's fastest growing sport, with popularity reaching unprecedented levels across every continent. Numbers of fans are increasing yearly and, most importantly, participation across most demographics, and in related disciplines, has skyrocketed. The WMMAA is based in the Principality of Monaco and was founded in 2012. The WMMAA, a non-profit organisation already boasting global reach, is headed by Vadim Finkelchtein, it's President and the legendary Fedor Emelianenko, it's Honorary President. As of 2014 over 40 countries have been granted WMMAA membership, with new members being added monthly. In October 2013 the inaugural World MMA Championship was held in St Petersburg, Russia under the auspices of the WMMAA. The Championship made history as amateur MMA fighters from all over the world competed for national pride in front of an audience of millions via television and internet broadcast. 2014 builds on the achievements of the previous year, with many exciting events planned from the beginning of May.  

The Way Film company

The Way Film company has begun the pre-production stage of the adventure and patriotic movies Musa, The Afghan Extreme-1 and The Afghan Extreme-2. We are looking forward to cooperating with you.  


The world’s largest international non-governmental association of veteran organizations of armed forces of various states. Established in 1950. The motto of the Federation is taken from the speech of Ralph Bunche, the Nobel Prize winner: “None can speak more eloquently for peace than those who have fought in war”. Now WVF is a federation of 170 veteran organizations from 93 countries representing around 42 million veterans worldwide. Participants of all kinds of wars and conflicts are represented in the Federation, from World War II to the recent military conflicts involving international peace-keeping forces (including the UN). The veterans’ tragic experience of surviving the hardships of many wars motivates them to fight for solid and durable peace all over the world, based on the Charter of the United Nations and the International Bill of Human Rights. The Federation is headed by: President – Mr. Hamid Ibrahim (Malaysia); Deputy President – Mr. Jacques Goujat (France); Vice Presidents Lt. Col. Godfrey Giles (South Africa) Brig. Gen. Charlemagne Y. Batayola (Philippines) Mrs. Marie Elisabeth Sveri (Norway) Mr. Dan Viggo Bergtun (Norway) The Chairman of Standing Committee on European Affairs is Mr. Dan-Viggo Bergtun (Norway). Daily activity of the WVF is carried out by the Executive Committee, residing in Paris.  

Military Internet

Military Military internet gives you nothing . It is made and will be developed according to the principle of force, which adds nothing and just take you all the best - skills , thoughts, knowledge, and talent . Paint? Draw for the army. Sing? Sing for the soldiers. The sharpness ? Take pictures for officers and their families. Soobrazhate ? Make your thoughts in the military to understand. Fighting for? Set the world . Relax? Prepare for war . Voenternet - socially responsible network. Here everything is in the army. Away the best years of life and you do not spend it on yourself. But you find the strength to impotence . Lose for the common private . Hide obvious , but open secret . Voenternet - closed community . Want to join - be a participant in the program YAPRAAF - I helped the Russian Army, Air Force and Navy . Go to the site Tell us what you're interested in , your letter will be discussed in the collective military internet blog . If program participants recognize you fit , we will send the agenda . STATUS, LEVEL OPPORTUNITIES program YAPRAAF you have status and level . On the status , you can be online obligated to volunteer during the next recruiting campaign , get a contract and grow to native troops commander , if so decided to take the Ministry of Defence of the Internet. However, the level at all from the beginning the same - gray asterisk . YAPRAAF program makes conclusions about your activity and authority , after which increases your level , changing the color of the asterisk . Depending on the level you have the more opportunities you get right to the projects , create groups , open magazines, significantly increase or decrease the levels of other participants.  

Armed Combat and Tactics

A.C.T. Russia существует с 2010 года. 8 преподавателей и около 100 студентов. Майкл Рязанов является директором A.C.T. Россия. Семинары - Александр Железняк, основатель и главный инструктор проекта.  

Russian Association of Heroes

Russian public organization " Russian Association of Heroes" (GRA ) , which unites the Heroes of the Soviet Union , Heroes of the Russian Federation and complete the Order of Glory , living in 62 regions of the Russian Federation. " Russian Association of Heroes" (GRA ) is a voluntary , non-profit , charitable, public association of citizens marked the highest degree of honor for services to the state associated with making heroic deeds . Motto - " Union of the Brave" . Has branches in 51 regions of Russia - Moscow, Moscow region , St. Petersburg and Leningrad region , Krasnodar, Voronezh region , etc. Founded - 15.04.1992 Association of In - 913 people. , Including : Double Heroes of the Soviet Union - 34 , Heroes of the Soviet Union - 362 , Heroes of the Russian Federation - 435 , complete the Order of Glory - 82 ( Among them, the Great Patriotic War - 392 ) . Governing body - the board. President - Hero of the Russian Federation , Lieutenant-General Vladimir Shamanov President, Honorary Life President - Hero of the Soviet Union , Gen. Valentin Varennikov . Died May 6, 2009 , First Vice President - Hero of the Soviet Union, Colonel-General Mikhail P. Odintsov , Vice Presidents - Hero of the Soviet Union, Svetlana E. Sawicki , Hero of the Soviet Union , Colonel-General Yuri F. Zarudin , Hero of the Russian Federation , Colonel nMCs Vyacheslav , Hero of the Soviet Union Boris Kravtsov .  

Battle Brotherhood

The organization was created in 1998 by the decision of the veteran organizations of the CIS countries. Union headquarters located in Moscow. The task of the International Telecommunication Union is an effective co- operation with other international organizations to consolidate efforts for more effective social and legal , moral , psychological, medical and rehabilitation of disabled veterans of local wars , armed conflicts and peacekeeping operations, family members of victims and missing persons, as well as international union of veterans' organizations . President of the International Union " Combat Brotherhood " is a member of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, the Hero of the Soviet Union Boris Gromov . Deputy Chairman of the International Union of " Combat Brotherhood " is Sablin Dmitry V. , deputy of the State Duma . Executive Secretary , Head of the Secretariat of the International Union " Combat Brotherhood " is Shorohov Gennady Mikhailovich , a veteran of fighting in Afghanistan.

The National League of POW / MIA

The National League of Families of American Prisoners and Missing in Southeast Asia was incorporated in the District of Columbia on May 28, 1970. Voting membership is comprised of wives, children, parents, siblings and other close relatives of Americans who were or are listed as Prisoners of War (POW), Missing in Action (MIA), Killed in Action/Body not Recovered (KIA/BNR) and returned American Vietnam War POWs. Associate membership is comprised of POW/MIA and KIA/BNR relatives who do not meet voting membership requirements, veterans and other concerned citizens. The League, a nonprofit, tax-exempt, 501(c)3, humanitarian organization (FEIN #23-7071242) is financed by contributions from the families, veterans and others. The League’s sole purpose is to obtain the release of all prisoners, the fullest possible accounting for the missing and repatriation of all recoverable remains of those who died serving our nation during the Vietnam War. The League originated on the west coast in the late 1960s. Believing that the US Government’s policy of keeping a low profile on the POW/MIA issue while urging family members to refrain from publicly discussing the problem was unjustified, the wife of a ranking POW initiated a loosely organized movement that evolved into the National League of POW/MIA Families. In October 1968, the first POW/MIA story was published. As a result of that publicity, the families began communicating with each other, and the group grew in strength from 50 to 100, to 300, and kept growing. Small POW/MIA family groups flooded the North Vietnamese delegation in Paris with telegraphic inquiries regarding the prisoners and missing, the first major activity in which hundreds of families participated. Eventually, the necessity for formal incorporation was recognized. In May 1970, a special adhoc meeting of the families was held at Constitution Hall in Washington, DC, at which time the League’s charter and by-laws were adopted. Elected by the voting membership, now numbering approximately 1,000, a seven-member Board of Directors meets regularly to determine League policy and direction. Board Members, Regional Coordinators, responsible for activities in multi-state areas, and State Coordinators represent the League in most states. The League’s national office is now staffed by only one full-time employee, responsible for administrative management of the office, coordinating public awareness and educational initiatives, and the implementation of policies established by the membership and the Board of Directors. The Chairman of the Board is Ann Mills-Griffiths, an MIA sister who served as the League’s Executive Director from 1978 until 2011.  

Russian public organization

The organization was created in November 1990 , registered at the Ministry of Justice in January 1991 . The founder of the organization by the Union of Afghan Veterans . The main objective of the organization are social and legal protection of Afghan war veterans . Russian Union of Afghan Veterans has a membership of about half a million people and has 78 structural divisions in 74 regions of the Russian Federation. Central FD - 18 organizations , Northwestern FD - 8 companies , Southern FD - 13 companies , Volga FD - 14 organizations Ural FD - 7 organizations , Siberian Federal District - 11 organizations , Far East - 7 organizations. The leader of the Russian Union of Afghan Veterans , First Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Veterans Affairs of the State Duma - Franz Klintsevich Adamovich , Chairman of the Central Board - Alexander Razumov .  

Russian Union of Public Associations paratroop veterans

Russian Union of Public Associations paratroop veterans formed February 6, 2003 . The main objectives of the Union : - consolidation activities interregional organizations and regional offices throughout Russia - patriotic and moral education of young people through the creation and operation of a network of military-patriotic and sports clubs landing direction - organizing and conducting military-patriotic work in formations and units airborne troops and special forces - helping veterans , members of the families of the dead and wounded soldiers - promoting the heroic traditions of the Airborne Troops , perpetuate the memory of the dead soldiers in the performance of military duty , Chairman of the Union of Russian Paratroopers - Hero of the Soviet Union Valery Vostrotin Chairman of the Central Council of the Union of Russian Paratroopers - Popovskikh Pavel Yakovlevich , Chairman of the Executive Committee of the "Union of Russian Paratroopers ' Valery Yuriev .  

Battle brotherhood Cup (BBC)

Battle brotherhood Cup (BBC) Первый в истории международный турнир по ММА (смешанным боевым искусствам) среди ветеранов и действующих военнослужащих на кубок Battle brotherhood.  


Voluntary Society for Assistance to the Army, Air Force and Navy (VSAAFN) - voluntary self-governing public-private association, whose purpose - promoting the strengthening of the country's defense and national security.