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First march of veterans

"The greatest luxury in the world - is the luxury of human communication"

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
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Birthday of a Motoclub “BATTLE BROTHERHOOD”

Dear friends!

June 4 is a date of a notable event – Birthday of a Motoclub “BATTLE BROTHERHOOD”.

Motor Club was established in the framework of social project:

International Round-the-World March of veterans, dedicated to the memory of the dead and missing soldiers of all nations and epochs.

The purpose of the March is not only to honor the memory of the fallen, but also to discharge the current tense international situation.

Participants of the March, especially combat veterans, can help others to realize what is it mean to live in peace.

We ask people and states to stop any armed conflicts and battles during the time of the march.

This tradition has existed since the ancient times, from the times of the first Olympic Games.

Let’s drop the guns down.

All we need is to take a pause and listen to the voice of our hearts.

It is no accident that the March motto is “The greatest luxury in the world – it is the luxury of human communication” – these words by Antoine de Saint-Exupery – writer, poet, artist, author of “The Little Prince”. He was a military pilot and was killed during World War II.

We declare March as the veterans movement for their rehabilitation and socialization.

But the concept VETERAN includes not only combat veterans.

We are open to all: veterans of the security forces, police veterans, labor veterans, in general, for all those who share our ideals,

our values ​​and our interests! Young people who served in the military or just preparing for another service – is also our brothers!

They are also the future defenders of the Motherland and its peaceful citizens!

And so, a full member of the Club is open to any citizen who has attained 18 years of age, having a motorcycle with a driving certificate, past the probationary period and recognizes the Charter of the Moto Club “BATTLE BROTHERHOOD”.


Strengthening friendly relations and cooperation among veterans of all countries.

Support and development of veterans and ‘bikers’ movements, the spirit of military brotherhood.

Creating the necessary environment for organized group activities of people with similar interests, future development of the movement “BATTLE BROTHERHOOD” in the country and abroad.

Colonel-General Valery Vostrotin, Hero of the Soviet Union, Chairman of the “Union of Russian Paratroopers”, Deputy Chairman VOOV “Battle Brotherhood” handed a vest of a Club President and a medal 85 years VDV “No one except us,” to Alexander Galliamov, honored master of sports of international class.

Gallyamov Alexander studied at the Ryazan Military School for Reserve Officers, made 3 parachute, was promoted to lieutenant. Alexander is a member of the USSR national motocross team 1978-85 biennium, and the coach of the USSR motocross team 1985-90, repeated champion of Russia. Currently is a President of Motoclub “BATTLE BROTHERHOOD” and head coach of Auto-moto club in Vnukovo.

Good luck!

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