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First march of veterans

"The greatest luxury in the world - is the luxury of human communication"

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
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Feb 23th Presentation @ Barvikha Luxury Village

In a “Barvikha Luxury Village” concert hall took place official presentation of the International March expedition of veterans, fund and a premiere of the movie #BattleBrotherhood.

Veterans of wars, representatives of Presidential Administration, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, military attaches, and also star guests became guests of a premiere. Evenings the Hero of the Soviet Union, the chairman of the Union of paratroopers of Russia Valery Vostrotin became leading.

Video: TV Rain

Author of the film - Iskander Galiev.

At the heart of the movie — stories of three soldiers, the become disabled people. The American soldiers David Lyon, André Botrell and Russian Evgeny Lyapin at different times were blown up on mines in Afghanistan, having lost feet. They survived, learned to go on artificial limbs, passed this cruel test and the example showed how through deprivations and pain of people comes to understanding of the mission.

Photo: Vitaly Ragulin


Photo: Mobile Reporter

Valery Vostrotin: “Today’s action — continuation of idea of round-the-world march of veterans. A few years ago we had an idea to unite all veterans of all wars. After all all of us have same thoughts both of war, and of post-war time. Veterans of all wars are the main conductors of the world on the planet. After all those who wasn’t at war, often idealize war and think that war — this benefit. Anything similar, and veterans as anybody understand it. So there was an idea to carry out this run. We trained him two years ago when there was absolutely other political situation. There was very loyal relation to our initiative worldwide. Now there came the cold snap, but we are sure that even if the governments can’t agree so far, veterans will agree always. And the movie which we submit, just today that veterans of the different countries have same thoughts and the same problems”.


Photo: Mobile Reporter

Mikhail Vishnyakov: “Within the 70 anniversary of the Great Victory on May 7 we will open a memorial “Defenders of the sky of the fatherland” in Tula. This place is chosen not casually. Exactly from there the 171st destructive aviation regiment decorated with the Order of the Red Banner battling as on approaches to Tula originated and is far beyond its limits. In the same place in Tula “Night witches” and well-known “Normandy-Neman” were formed a female aviation regiment. The idea to put there the memorial devoted to heroes of World War II was born. We found names of all heroes pilots. Them there were 2420 people. All of them will be mentioned on bronze boards of this memorial”.


Photo: RBC, Mobile Reporter

Director Egor Konchalovsky: “I know #BattleBrotherhood Movement not the first year, and every year it gains the increasing weight. Who how not veterans, can tell about war? Passed already a lot of time, in society now there are many currents which welcome war though 10-20 years ago it would be inconceivable. Those people who saw war — veterans — as anybody, can tell of our history. If veterans of the Great Patriotic War remained already very little, veterans of other wars — Afghanistan, the Caucasian conflicts — now are still full of strength, and they make decisions now, they in many respects define a course of the country and Armed forces, even business. These are people who took place and after war, in peaceful life. The Battle Brotherhood Movement very important because they will be listened — and first of all youth. If young guys see that the people who passed war enjoy big authority, successful and in modern life, their opinion will be very powerful. We managed to pick up the dying knowledge of war. Today it revives, and huge work on this occasion is conducted”.

Within the International round-the-world march of veterans rally across the territory of 50 states, including Russia, the CIS countries and Europe, Asia and America will take place. The basis of crews will be made by veterans of wars and local conflicts — representatives of 12 states. A motorcade from 12 SUVs, having overcome more than 100 000 km, will finish the travel in Moscow on May 6, 2015.



Main objectives of march — to draw with attention of the world community to problems of veterans, disabled people of wars and any armed conflicts, to remind society of need of their rehabilitation and adaptation to peaceful life.


Video: Zvezda TV Channel

The action will become not only motor rally, and the whole complex of actions: in the cities through which passes a route of march of veterans, holding memorable and memorial events, sports tournaments among veterans and the acting military personnel, exhibitions and photo contests, the international festival of a soldier’s song, reconstruction of historical events, round tables is planned.

Text:  Irina Chajkovskaya (RBC).

Source: RBC