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First march of veterans

"The greatest luxury in the world - is the luxury of human communication"

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
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Humanitarian troops in the Crimea

“Battle Brotherhood” supported a grand entertaining trick marathon stantraydingu, street racing and freestyle motocross,
which was involved in its unique technical characteristics of vehicle and motorcycle equipment.

In Sevastopol, 2-August 3 at the same site were made by well-known Russian athletes and popular music groups.

For residents and visitors of the Crimean peninsula made ​​famous teams of different directions, representing the most popular clubs in St. Petersburg and Moscow, such as: stantraydinga Federation of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region (FSR); motor clubs «Werewolf», «WildWood», «Risk», «Grim Rovers»; FMX team “Queen”; team «Moscow Stunt & amp; Huge Happy Family »; auto-racing team «Round X».

The concert program was presented popular Russian musicians: the legendary group “Earthlings”, “Va-Bank”, “Russian”, “Boycott”, “St. Petersburg” and the Song and Dance Ensemble of the Black Sea Fleet of Russia.