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First march of veterans

"The greatest luxury in the world - is the luxury of human communication"

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
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Battle Brotherhood Film by Iskander Galiev


November 1st is celebrated world-wide as All Saints’ Day and it is set as the opening night of the film that commemorates David’s humanitarian action. David was seriously wounded when he was saving his fellow-soldier and he had survived against all odds.

This young American veteran believed that if the veterans of the past wars become friends they could promote peace together. He defied the stereotypes and joined his Russian counterparts. Together they laid the cornerstone of the international movement that unites the veterans of all wars and called it “Battle Brotherhood”.

After losing his legs to a land mine in 2010 David never gave up. He proved his doctors wrong and learned to walk again. He was actively providing assistance to other disabled veterans, both in his home country and abroad. David traveled to Russia on two occasions. August 2nd 2013 went down in history as on that day USMC Staff Sergeant David Lyon congratulated Russian paratroopers with the Russian Airborne Troops Day from the stage set in the Red Square and gifted priceless hi-tech prosthetics to a Russian veteran of the war in Afghanistan.

This film tells the stories of American and Russian war veterans and their ordeals. The present day relations between Russia and the United States are very far from idyllic in every respect, be it politics, economics, or ideology.

But human relations and friendship prove to be stronger than politics. The film follows the veterans who know the true value of life and death. They come together to demonstrate how hardships and pain forged their characters and prompted them to act notwithstanding such factors as the Cold War and the events in Ukraine.

Their hearts prompted them their actions and turned them into real activists of people’s diplomacy. Could their way be the only way out of the political deadlock that may bring the humanity to the Third World War? We are living at the time when it is becoming quite obvious that all progressive mankind has to cooperate in order to defeat the challenges of terrorism.

We aim at doing more than uniting the veterans of all wars with a common memory of the fallen soldiers and taking care for those who really need it. It is very important for us to be able to communicate with those interested in everything about a serious and dangerous profession of a soldier.
Everyone who takes care of a war memorial, looks for remains of the fallen soldiers, reads about the past battles, or fights hard in a hospital bed, in a ring, in a racetrack, or at the edge of a cliff is a living part of our Brotherhood.

David Lyon, founder of Battle Brotherhood movement