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First march of veterans

"The greatest luxury in the world - is the luxury of human communication"

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
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Movies and patriotism. Polemic notes

At the present time, when the world is teetering on the brink of war, the citizens of our great country want to be assured that the state will be able to protect them from external aggression. That women, children and the elderly will be in safe hands sons of the motherland.

But here’s the problem: the last time the government faced the problem of recruitment of young people into the army. Healthy guys resort to various tricks, hiding in every possible way to avoid the draft. And many are even proud of it, and the society does not condemn them. Why is public opinion changed?

It is likely that the reason for this was not only the weakening of the military-patriotic education of youth, but also a direct discrediting the Russian army in some movies.

Look what is happening in contemporary Russian cinema and television: some “works” are presented in a bad military and caricatured.

Officers and soldiers, passing military service in the army are often represented in the images of alcoholics, the mentally retarded and other unfit for any work of individuals.

What is the reason that honorable military duty to serve in the army and defend our country ceased to wear the prestigious character?

After 30-40 years ago was no such problem in principle. A draft evasion was considered unworthy shame. To exempt from military service, or “hang” of it treated with compassion. After the movie “In the area of ​​special attention” guys military age military conscription precipitated an application requesting to get into the elite Airborne and parts. Almost everything is ready for service in DOSAAF.

Movies “officers”, “In the area of ​​special attention”, “Star,” “Black Shark”, etc., Entered the golden fund of Soviet cinema, and the film “Officers” at all times for all cadets of military schools was a cult.

The country has gone through difficult times and the cinema too, in the 90′s had a lot of doubt is removed from the point of view of national films.

But the film by Fyodor Bondarchuk “9th company” for many became a symbol of a return to the truth, which has become for the majority of Afghans to their veterans, expressed their feelings and stance. This film in 2005 attracted the attention of Russian society does not remain in the country or a single person who would not have looked.

And the creators of the movie “The Best Film” in 2008 selfishly and cynically used the popularity of the movie “9 rota” – in one episode the authors mockingly and desecrated holy concepts for each and every paratrooper patriot.
Many viewers a natural question arises: and for whom the film titled “Best Film” is the best? For the producers and writers?
Of course, spending $ 10 million, they collected $ 30,496,695.
But in the pursuit of cheap and long dollar effect, they destroyed the spirit of the nation.
After all, this film looked teens who do not have life experience, not knowing anything about the legendary Vasily Margelov who created the Airborne Forces in the years of the Great Patriotic War. How to calculate and what can be measured to assess the damage caused to the country and its defense?

A series “DMB”, “Modern Caution” and other artifacts that represent and make fun of the Russian army in a bad light? What mother let her son in such an army in which the soldiers were forced to alcoholic fun-General to represent the boar, or play Russian roulette and more.

Think of American films. In all, the most aggressive of US aggression in the Hollywood treatment by American soldiers – are patriots, heroes, supporting freedom and justice, even burning Vietnamese villages and killing civilians peasants.

“Nightingale the Robber,” writer – actor-priest Ivan Okhlobystin. The filmmakers try to do everything to the audience empathized criminals negative characters that are in the finals with a smile killing Russian conscripts!

How to deal with this situation in the Russian cinema as a powerful tool of psychological influence on the citizens is used in anti-Russian and anti-state purposes?

The situation could save the Union of Cinematographers of Russia adoption Ethical Charter (by analogy with the American “Hays Code” which tightly regulate morality, which was guided by Hollywood). The document, in particular, there is a phrase: “foster a sense of patriotism and love for the Fatherland.”
It is necessary to draw public attention to the problem of patriotic education of youth.

It would be fair if the producers of the film “The Best Movie” to correct moral damage caused to its creation, allocate funds for the establishment of the patriotic film, or make a donation for the purchase of a new generation of artificial limbs for disabled veterans and support their families.

Draft Ethical Charter of Cinematographers of Russia