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First march of veterans

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Start of the rally “Moscow-Torgau” on April 18. Victory Park

The International March veterans of  together with VSAAFN Russia took the start of the International patriotic rally “Glory Road”, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War and the meeting on the Elbe allied forces of the anti-Hitler coalition.

Within two weeks, the convoy will travel 3,800 km from Moscow via Minsk and Warsaw to the German Torgau.

The expedition is part of the list of activities of the Russian organizing committee “Victory” at the President of the Russian Federation and is supported by the Russian government, the Russian Defense Ministry and the Foreign Ministry. The organizers of the rally are the VSAAFN Russia, VSAAFN Republic of Belarus and the NGO “The spirit of the Elbe”.

The crew of the International column patriotic rally “Glory Road” Moscow – Torgau – Moscow jointly with Russian VSAAFN includes two car of The International March veterans.